• Asian Glances

Asian Glances

Asia through its glances.

An esthetic overview, not a reportage.

Each face encloses a whole life, each glance becomes its caption.

Asian Glances is like a painting of Asian people, through their glances.

Asian people, generous mothers of cultures, religions, migrations. Sometimes sprinkled on hidden and forgotten lands, where stones and dust make the future even more improbable.

Heterogeneous and complex people, often walking through the dark, with proud glances, and intrepid steps.

Most of the shots have been taken during remote instants, far from the social emphasis, not connected from the unknown perceptions, foreigner of the altered moments of the event, emptied from the modern form of connections.

Shots taken to emphasize marginal lives, the toughness of difficult but usual existences, the silence of an isolated everyday life.

I decided not to be involved in situations that were over the top, or if the subject was looking for a pose. For an infinitesimal instant I have been asking to those faces to tell me something about their lives, they did and I shot.

Two the dimensions that have been characterizing my job, an esthetic one, finalized to the perception of the whole imagine and to the emotion of that described life, and a conceptual one, designed to evoke geographic reflections.

The entire photo gallery has been realized with black and white film between 1998 and 2010.

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