• L'Être et la Mémoire

L’Être et la Mémoire

The human being is composed of a series of layers sometimes imposed, sometimes given by existence sometimes written by self-perception.

Their number increases as the years go by. They overlap, fade, wither, arise suddenly and slowly calcify in our character. They are the backbone of our thoughts.

Memory has a similar dynamic. It is never clear-cut, it is always shrouded in a thin fog. Over time, our memory dimensions it, redesigns it. Just so it can put it in a drawer.

It does this with enemies, with great loves, with the words of an hour.

The expression of a moment becomes a caption with archive purposes. It draws the face and together with the emotions the memory makes slabs of it, softly, trying not to cut itself, gently, like an indefinite perception, between reflections and invented structures.

I remember a young couple swearing eternal love to each other as the coach took them towards their parting, towards an uncertain distance imposed by events.

I imagined the memory of that moment sailing through their years.

With ‘l’être et la mémoire’, I tried to describe these layers affixed by time and the lenses that blur the memory.

I did this by emphasising the emphasis that this phenomenon takes on beautiful women’s faces, on unknown characters, on those gazes that transcend time.

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