Atelier Rick Margiana

Atelier Rick Margiana, is a display container of Rick Margiana’s artworks.

Here it is possible to take a general view of the artworks, buy online, and get in touch with the Author.

Rick Margiana’s works are in:

Black and White Photos (film)

Colour Photos (film)

Digital Photos

Digital Elaborations of Drawings and Photos

Digital Drawings.


Photo Documentaries


Contemporary Art

Atelier Rick Margiana: Foto da autore e Immagini da Arredamento - Art Photography

                                                                                 © ® Rick Margiana



Expressing concepts through a theory of black staines.

That’s the goal!

The author has focused his expressiveness in the synthesis.

In “residual points” each drawing describes a concept, an analysis, a way of thinking; it does so by assuming a bare, essential, residual look.

In its entirety, this work that must undoubtedly be inscribed in the purest form of digital art, represents the description in its essence, that is the description expressed with simple signs.

The work can be contemplated as belonging to that part of visual art classified as contemporary art.



Digital portraits made through the manipulation of third party sources. The author has emphasized the indefinition of the superimposed digital image.

Combining this indefinition with the infinite chromaticism of the digital palette, the artist has created images suited to an immediate pathos.



The work was made entirely on film and only in black and white. The portrait is the narrative figure that best represents the entire work.

The goal pursued by the author was to describe a continent through the faces of some of its populations, or rather Asia through its looks.

The equipment used is all Nikon.

Used films all from Ilford.



Digital painting as a descriptive tool of the humanity of faces. The simulation of the brush stroke obtained through the various digital graphics software gives the images emotional capacities absolutely attributable to those of conventional painting.

In “SOCIAL ARCHIVE” each face has a name, an identity, a social and geographical location. The portrait takes on an identity value and the set of faces goes beyond the boundaries of art and becomes a vector for sociological considerations.

The author, alias digital painter, has produced a bitmap alias the set of pixels that make up the image, to be considered a new archetype or, if you prefer, a new provocation in the context of that visual art that contemporary art welcomes .